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     Since the company’s establishment, it has always adhered to the quality policy of "Quality makes for the market, take care for women and children". The company has established an advanced testing center and ensures that the entire R&D and production of all products are supervised by Hong Kong Huangshi International Group Limited. In 2000, the company's sanitary napkins brands XIANGYUE and JIEQI, baby diapers brands LEBNAGSHI, XIANGYUEBAOBEI and the adult diapers brand LVERSHUANG became key recommended products of China Quality Miles( a famous magazine focused on product quality). Besides, the company has the certification of "Total Quality Standard" awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture of China.  
Company Profile

     Fujian Huian HECHENG Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, was subordinated in the Hong Kong Huangshi International Group Limited. It is a professional manufacturer specializing in R&D, production and sales of daily commodities, such as sanitary napkins, Panty Liners, Mini Pads, baby diapers ,baby pants diapers, adult diapers ,Under pads, Nursing pads and household paper and other products. Now the company has more than 10 advanced production lines for the above products. After its establishment, the company has taken the lead to pass the ISO9001-2000 quality management system and product certification, which laid a solid foundation for " Century International Enterprise ".

Banded with Quanzhou HE TIAN XIA Network Technology Co., Ltd., HE CHENG Household Products Co., Ltd rolls out new baby diaper brand—MIANMIAN&HUANGSHI and focuses on baby diaper market.
As the number of newborns in China has increased year by year, the two-child policy brings new opportunities for the development of the baby products market. With favorable market environment, the MIANMIAN& HUANGSHI is enjoying the booming development!
More strict, because of love.
With millions of improvements and designs for product details, we only pursue the ultimate care.
More "sensitive", because of love.
With the most rigorous user experience environment, we commit ourselves to fulfill the promise for children and no mistakes are allowed.

More "greedy", because of love.
With the demand for better materials of products, we will cooperate with top suppliers for a long time to ensure superior quality.
More "conservative", because of love.
With the high standard setting of production environment and process, we ensure the fully enclosed production to prevent external interference.
Quality Management Certification
     US FDA certification                             EU CE certification                      ISO9001 quality management
                                                                                                                      system certification
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Fujian Hui’an Hecheng Household Products Co.,Ltd, is a professional manufacturer of Disposable Hygiene Personal Care products with more than 20 years history. In our Consumer Service Centre, it is our mission to understand the client issue and ensure our service are offered to create consumer’s satisfaction based on caring for women and children.Along with our ongoing ISO 9001:2008 certification, we ensure that all complaints and feedback are handled in a fair and consistent manner and we value all feedback from our clients regarding the performance and expectations of our products.We’d really like to know about the experience with our products from the customers. Your feedback which inspires us to make our products better!
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